What is the profit of Relog Driver for e-commerce distributors

We will discover a mobile courier app that facilitates faster and easier delivery, does not require manual dispatch and helps to avoid issues with clients


Relog Driver is an application for drivers, with its help, each of them sees applications that they must serve for the day. It is downloaded from the "Play Store" or the App store for free. All points for delivery are marked with numbers in accordance with the sequence of movement of the car, which in turn was determined by the Relog algorithm. The distribution is most optimal for the courier in terms of delivery time, mileage. Therefore, the driver does not need to puzzle over how to go better – the Relog Driver will explain everything to him. Moreover, if the courier is not very well oriented in the city, the navigator built into the app will pave the way on a virtual map. Click on any of the route points and the most convenient and fastest route to it will immediately appear.

When the driver left, for example, from a warehouse, in the application, he clicks on the "left" button, you can bound an SMS delivery to it, then the recipient of the order receives a message that the courier in the car with such a number going to him. As soon as he arrives at the address, he clicks on "waiting" and again SMS informs about his arrival. The order is successfully served, then the driver presses the "finish" button, if not-the customer refused to pick up the goods, or the person responsible for receiving it was not on the spot, then the driver presses the "refuse"button.

Since the Relog Driver is synchronized with the Relog Manager module, the dispatcher who uses it will be aware of everything that happens: when and where the courier arrived, how much time he spent on completing each of the orders, for which of them the product was accepted, and for which it was not. This saves drivers from correspondence with him, saves time and allows them not to be distracted by small things from work. The value of this will increase when there are several dozen or a hundred cars in the distributor's fleet.

The application has other convenient functions. Water delivery companies sometimes sell additional bottles on the spot. For example, a customer ordered 5 bottles, and when they were delivered to him, he decided to buy another one, so you can add it to the order through the application. Or vice versa, instead of 5, they buy 3 bottles of water, then this is indicated in the Relog Driver as a partial shipment of the goods.

We mentioned that sometimes customers refuse to accept the goods from the driver. The application already has templates for the most common reasons, which also frees it from explanations with the dispatcher on the phone, there is also a field for exclusive comments. How is this useful for a distributor or an online store? If the delivery is postponed, they can choose free dates for this. If the customer simply does not want to buy the product for some reason, the sales manager can contact them and try to work out the order. For online stores, data on failures is really important, so they additionally purchase the Relog BI service, which analyzes many parameters, starting with the work of drivers and ending with the largest checks of buyers.

In addition, the courier can send to Relog Driver a photo of the product in the form in which he handed it to the recipient in order to protect himself and the company from possible unfounded claims.

So, the application not only improves and facilitates the work of drivers, increases the efficiency of delivery, but also helps to avoid conflicts with customers.

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