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Simplifying the Complexity of Last Mile logistics

  • Forget the delays
  • Easily manage all the last-mile delivery
  • Launch your delivery with powerful AI based solution


Marketplace of drivers

Find trusted and reliable drivers with own vehicles. Outsource your logistics.


Fastest algorithm on the market that routes 2000 orders in 4 minutes

Absolute flexibility

10 goal-specific algorithms that take into account more than 40 delivery parameters

Map services

Multitude of available maps and geocoders

Unique Analytics

Powerful and comprehensive Relog BI analytics dashboards will reveal every aspect of your delivery business

User Intuitive Experience and Interface

User friendly Experience and Interface

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Relog is suitable for all companies that have their own logistics. Our service helps companies reduce their shipping costs and manage all logistics.

Distribution companies (FMCG, building materials, etc.)


Furniture companies

Urban and Suburban Last Mile delivery services

Water delivery services

Pharmaceutical Distributors

Online Stores (E-commerce)

Distributors of building materials

Less than five cars

Less than 30 deliveries per day

Express food delivery ( pizza and sushi)

Intercity deliveries

On Foot and Bike couriers

Taxi services

Relog Modules

Web and mobile APP
Dispatcher's Workplace

Dispatcher's Workplace designed to manage all logistics, no matter how complex it may be, it monitors drivers’ movement, tracks changes in the orders’ status in real time. System automatically plans the routes and optimally loads your fleet taking into account 40+ parametres.

Orders management

Monitors drivers’ performance in real time.

Plans optimized routes of delivery

Comprehensive analytics and KPIs for drivers

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mobile APP
Relog driver

Relog Driver mobile app is a convenient and functional tool designed for drivers. Allows follow routes and manage the orders. Driver can see map, list of orders, stop sequences, status of orders, customer feedback, proof of delivery with customer reviews and photo and signature capture. This app provides analytics and drivers KPI monitoring. Each driver can see how much has he earned at the moment.

Planned Route schedule and sequence

Drivers rating

In-app phone calls

Analytics and calculation of salary bonuses

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mobile APP
Additional services for customers and partners

Customers can rate your delivery services, leave feedback and track their shipment’s delivery online.

Text Message( SMS) and E-mail notifications

Personal user accounts and roles (partners , employees, departments).

Customers feedback

Additional services

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web service
Relog bi analytics

This web service provides Top-tier management with very detailed and in-depth analytical reports. Which allow tracking negative and positive trends and geographic characteristics of delivery, simulate the outcome of various options for action, and track the results of decision-making.

Delivery report (with maps and delivery details)

Detailed report on rejections and returns

Heat map orders report

Detailed report of drivers’ delivery efficiency, calculation of KPI

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mobile APP
Relog manager

The intuitive dashboard of Relog Manager mobile app allows Top-tier Management to see statistics on the main logistics indicators in the context of the selected time: day, week, and month. These parameters can be viewed both for the entire fleet and for each specific driver.

View the number of orders rejected

Track order statuses (new orders, orders being delivered, completed)

Track number of late orders

Monitor drivers location and key actions in real time

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up to 30%

Reduction in transportation costs

up to 95%

Improvement in customer satisfaction index


Online drivers monitoring

2000 orders

Are route-planned in less than 4 minutes

50 +

delivery metrics that you can control


Number of late deliveries reduction

Core Features


Use the most up-to-date maps. Easily expand the geography of your business


A simple and user-friendly interface that allows you to instantly and effortlessly automate logistics


Choose your rate. Flexible pricing. Suitable for any business

Quick and easy start

The implementation/integration procedure is minimized - just register and start working


All your data is stored on servers in a reliable data center, backup is carried out every day


You don't have to be in your office to keep up with how your business is doing

Trial period

Evaluate the work with the service for free within 7 days


New updates and releases are available and installed automatically free of charge

Support Team

Feel free to contact our support team with questions and requests. They are eager and ready to assist you!

Cloud storage

Does not require purchase physical storage and installation . Compatible with any ERP / CRM system

Transparency and control

Eliminates dependence on staff. No special skills are required to work in the service

Driver’s and Courier’s app

Allows to see orders, set statuses, make a call to the client.


Range of reports that will provide different angles analysis of the set activities of the organization

SMS and E-mail notifications

We carry out both mass e-mail and Text Message (SMS) mailing, as well as customized and individual messages

CTI (IP) telephony integration

The ability to connect an Android phone, office PBX to the program, dial a client's number directly from the program


Relog is integration compatible with any software services. Which allows cutting installation and training costs


Integration with Relog

Relog easily integrates with existing systems (CRM, "1C", ERP), with gadgets of couriers and drivers. Integration will not disrupt your current business processes, optimize logistics and allow you to quickly solve everyday tasks to increase the efficiency of the company and provide impeccable customer service

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